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Remote Hosting Solution2022-01-19T07:06:16+00:00

Convert your store to online using our services.

Convert your existing store into an online store. We’ll provide the software, and help you get set up. Once you have your store online, you can sell anything. It’s quick and easy to setup, and your customers will love the convenience.

Setup an online store to sell products using a mobile app2022-01-18T12:31:03+00:00

Today, customers expect to be able to purchase products and services anytime, anywhere—and that includes making purchases on mobile devices. To meet these demand, we’re building a mobile-first e-commerce platform that gives retailers the power to build an omni-channel, digital presence from the ground up. With our new platform, retailers can easily build a modern storefront, a fully functional mobile app, and an e-commerce website from the same codebase, all with a single API. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up an online store with a mobile app using our platform.

Build an online store to sell products2022-01-18T12:32:35+00:00

You will build a Shopify store to sell products on Shopify, Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce platforms. You will be building the online store from the ground up, so you will be required to learn all aspects of the online store, from setting up the e-commerce platform, to setting up shipping and payment options, to creating the product listings and even designing the website. You will be working with a Shopify store that has been live for a few months, so you will have a good starting point to build your store from. The main focus of the project is to build a store that sells products, so you should be able to find products to sell on your store.

We will use our own email marketing and SEO services to increase sales.2022-01-18T12:35:02+00:00

We’ll set up our email marketing and SEO server so that you can send email campaigns directly to customers and track the results. We’ll also show you how to build your own site from scratch so that you have complete control over your online store. This will give you the ability to optimize your website’s search engine ranking and increase your sales.

Sign up using the link below to get started

Sign up using the link below to get started. You can choose which service you want while checking out. Sign up using the link below to get started. You can choose which service you want while checking out.

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